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The We Care Campaign” is a church starting campaign to show our communities that we not only care about being a new church in town but that we care about the community and the people who live there.

We are asking our partners to join with us in reaching out to these new communities over the course of the next couple of years, We want to bring in teams that will not only prayerwalk the community but ones that will reach out and make a difference in the community even before a church starter steps on the field.

We are asking our partnership churches to perform Community Projects and Random Acts of Kindness in the community while they are on the field. Projects can be as simple as helping to clean up community parks to as complicated as building new playground equipment in a local park setting. Random Acts of Kindness may include but are not limited to: mowing and cleaning up a senior’s yard, washing windows, buying a family lunch at a local restaurant, or giving out free bottles of water on a long, hot summer day.

Are you willing to help us show these unreached communities that “We Care”?

Are you willing to show those without Christ that “We Care”?

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to show these communities that “We Care” about them, their community, and their eternal destination?

If so, come join us this summer as we let these communities know not only that “We Care”, but that God cares about them even more.

Current “We Care” Projects:

  • Back to School Party - Richland School, Crest Hill with First Baptist Church, Yazoo, MS