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The Church Planting Team's purpose is to equip, resource and encourage current planters, furture church planters,and established churches of the assoication to grow the Kingdom of God by facilitating the planting of new churches.


God's Desire to Reach All People—Starting new churches reflects our understanding of God's desire to reach all people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. New churches are typically more effective in reaching people with the gospel than existing churches. New churches also are needed to reach unreached and under-reached groups that are not being reached by existing churches in the association

Exponential Growth in Many Communities—Some of the fastest growing areas in Illinois (and in the nation) are within the area of Three Rivers Baptist Association. This growing population necessitates the planting of new churches.


Vision—The Church Planting Team will serve our association as the "watchman on the wall" looking for opportunities to join God in starting new churches and establishing a Christian witness in unchurched or under-churched communities.

The Great Commission—It is the privilege of the Church Planting Team to help Three Rivers Baptist Association maintain a focus on the reality that the "fields are white unto harvest" and to have the commitment to do whatever it takes to reap the harvest before us and to sow seeds for the harvesters to come.


Develop, Train, and Assist Church Planters—The Church Planting Team will provide assistance to the church planter in strategic planning, basic training for church planters, demographic studies, and education through local apprenticeship and mentoring, conferences and seminars.

Develop Sufficient Financial Support—We believe that God can and will always provide all we need to accomplish all that He calls us to do. Church planters are often under pressure to perform in order to maintain funding that is given through a phase-down period. We realize that this is a "pioneer" area for missions and it often takes longer to establish a foundation and gain some ground in growth. We will assist the association in developing realistic financial expectations for starting new works and in seeking others who will partner with us in this task.

Prayer Support—The Church Planting Team will seek the active prayer support of those inside and outside Three Rivers Baptist Association for new church starts.


  • Dan Eddington, Director        (815) 725-7361  
  • Carlos Jimenez, Jr.
  • Jeff Logsdon
  • Ken Schultz